DJI Attracts Praise with an Affordable New Drone Aimed at Intermediates

Drones seem to be everywhere nowadays, with enthusiastic owners flying them over municipal parks and otherwise making the most of what they have to offer. Entry level drones have advanced quite a bit in recent years, and even the most affordable models on the market now often make it easy for beginners to get started. For those who do catch the bug in the process, stepping up to something more capable will typically be the next order of business. As a look at a site like Infini Geek will make clear, there are plenty of excellent options for those looking to upgrade from drones targeted at newcomers.

Many of these also deliver a lot of impressive functionality in affordable packages. For quite some time, for instance, well known manufacturer DJI stood at the very top of the consumer market with its Phantom line of drones. Meant to bridge the gap to professional grade models costing thousands of dollars or more, these drones became legendary among the most enthusiastic amateurs.

More recently, DJI has focused somewhat on opening up even more affordable options that sacrifice little in the process. The P3-STANDARD version of the company’s well-received Phantom 3 “prosumer” drone, for example, is offered at a price point that many intermediate pilots will find appealing. At the same time, it delivers a lot of the nearly professional-level performance that has helped make DJI’s higher end products so popular with veteran pilots, too.

In particular, the P3-STANDARD receives a lot of praise for how easy it is to fly. Leveraging smartphone technology along with well designed, joystick-based controls, the P3-STANDARD delivers stable, predictable performance through a variety of conditions. Built-in stabilization systems and safety measures, in fact, ensure that even relatively inexperienced pilots will not put the craft in danger under difficult flying conditions.

Coupled with a camera that many owners find equally satisfying, these features help make the P3-STANDARD one of today’s most popular ways of stepping up. While newcomers to the hobby typically discover that there are plenty of inexpensive options to explore, having accessible, full-featured ways of upgrading like this one is good news for those who stick with drone flying, as well.